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Writings and Speeches

  1. Administration and Finance of the East India Company

  2. Ancient Indian Commerce

  3. Castes in India; Their Mechanism, Genesis and Development

  4. Small Holdings in India and their Remedies

  5. Mr. Russell and the reconstruction of Society

  6. The Present Problem in Indian Currency – I

  7. The Present Problem in Indian Currency – II

  8. Review: Currency and Exchange by H.L. Chablani

  9. The Evolution of Provincial Finance in British India: A study in the Provincial Decentralisation of Imperial Finance

  10. Statement of Evidence to the Royal Commission on Indian Currency

  11. Statement of Evidence to the Royal Commission on Indian Currency on 15th December 1925

  12. Review: Report of the Taxation Enquiry Committee, 1926

  13. Untouchables or the Children of India’s Ghetto

  14. Essay on Untouchables and Untouchability: Social

  15. Essay on Untouchables and Untouchability: Political

  16. Essay on Untouchables and Untouchability: Religious

  17. Philosophy Of Hinduism

  18. India and Pre-requisite of Communism

  19. Revolution and Counter-Revolution

  20. Buddha or Karl Marx

  21. Riddles in Hinduism

  22. The Untouchables and the Pax Britannica

  23. Manu and the Shudras

  24. Lectures on English Constitution

  25. Paramountcy and the Claim of the Indian States to be Independent

  26. Notes on Acts and Laws

  27. Annihilation of Caste

  28. Federation versus Freedom

  29. Ranade, Gandhi and Jinnah

  30. Mr. Gandhi and the Emancipation of the Untouchables

  31. Communal Deadlock and a Way to Solve it

  32. What Congress and Gandhi have done to the Untouchables

  33. Who were the Shudras ?

  34. Foreword: Commodity Exchange by P.G. Salve

  35. The Problem of Rupee: Its Origin and its Solution

  36. History of Indian Currency and Banking

  37. States and Minorities: What are their Rights and How to secure them in the Constitution of Free India

  38. Foreword: Social Insurance and India by M.R. Idgunji

  39. The Untouchables: Who were they and why they became Untouchables?

  40. Maharashtra as a Linguistic Province (Statement submitted to the Linguistic Provinces Commission)

  41. Pakistan or the Partition of India

  42. Note on the Annexure (Chapter IX: A plea to the foreigner- Additional Chapter in Second Edition of what Congress and Gandhi….)

  43. Commercial Relations of India in the Middle Ages or the rise of Islam and the Expansion of Western Europe

  44. India on the Eve of the Crown Government

  45. Waiting for a Visa: Autobiographical notes

  46. The Constitution of British India

  47. Notes on Parliamentary Procedure

  48. Notes on History of India

  49. Preservation of Social Order

  50. With the Hindus

  51. Frustration

  52. The Problem of Political Suppression

  53. Which is worse? Slavery or Untouchability

  54. Need for Checks and Balances- Article on Linguistic State

  55. Thoughts on Linguistic States

  56. Buddha and his Dhamma.

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